Our little Jeep Family consists of the four of us, Justin (Dad), Emily (Mom), Landon (LilJeepBeef), and Mia (LilJeepHer). We’ve had such an awesome time getting to be part of the Jeep community. Here is a little bio on each of us:

Dad – Justin

“I love everything Jeep. I love my family and my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, more than anything else in this world. I began our Instagram account (@LilJeepFamily) in April 2013. Our page slowly grew over the first few months. After I made a matching Powerwheels Jeep for Landon our page began to get noticed. Over the next year the page grew more and more as Landon and I created unique photos together in our Jeeps. During summer 2014 I sold my 1979 Chevy Camaro and bought my wife a Jeep. Over the next month I built her Jeep up the way I would like it and then painted it the color she wanted. I then built Mia a Powerwheel Jeep to match mom’s. At that point our page really began to grow. We had a unique family experience that no one else had on Instagram. As of now (June 2015), we have 43,000 people following our Instagram account. It’s been a blast meeting new people and learning so much about the Jeep culture throughout the world.”

Mom – Emily

Click on Photo for LilJeepMom’s Instagram Account

“I love being a wife and mommy! I am 100% girl! I adore everything girly, pink, glitzy and girly! Justin has changed my life for good in so many areas…one is introducing me to the amazing world of Jeep! I love everything Jeep….the off-roading, climbing, mudding… I love the whole Jeep culture! My black and pink Jeep, Mombicon, is one of the best gifts Justin has ever given me… He built it in LOVE! I am hooked! I enjoy nothing more than driving on a beautiful warm day soaking up the sun and feeling the wind in my hair as I cruise with the ones I love. I am grateful for every blessing the Lord has given us.”

Emily is also on Instagram (@LilJeepMom)


Landon – 4-years-old

Click on photo for Landon’s Instagram account.

“I love my Mom, my Dad, and my Jeep-Jeep a lot! I really like to go muddin’ except the one time when I swallowed mud and threw up macaroni!”

Landon’s page on Instagram (@LilJeepBeef_Landon)


Mia – 2-years-old

Click on photo for Mia’s Instagram account.

“I Mia! Mia likes Landon’s Jeep-Jeep!”

(Mia talks in third-person currently. She also tends to speak like an indian!)

Mia’s Instagram page (@LilJeepHer_Mia)

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