Meet Our Little Family

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We’ve had such an awesome time getting to be part of the Jeep community. Here is each of our family members:

Dad – Justin

“I love everything Jeep. I love my family and my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, more than anything else in this world. I began our Instagram account (@LilJeepFamily) in April 2013. Our page slowly grew over the first few months. After I made a matching Powerwheels Jeep for Landon our page began to get noticed. Over the next year the page grew more and more as Landon and I created unique photos together in our Jeeps. In the summer of 2014 I sold my 1979 Chevy Camaro and bought my wife a Jeep. Over the next month I built her Jeep up the way I would like it and then painted it the color she wanted. I then built Mia a Powerwheel Jeep to match mom’s. At that point our page really began to grow. We had a unique family experience that no one else had on Instagram. As of now, we have 75,000 people following our Instagram account. It’s been a blast meeting new people and learning so much about the Jeep culture throughout the world.”

Mom – Emily


“I am completely “girl!” I love everything girly, pink, cute, fluffy, etc….That is…until I met Justin. I not only am still “girly” but I absolutely love my Jeep and everything about the Jeep culture. The first time I ever got to take my own vehicle out mudding was just after Justin built me my pink Jeep. I was hooked! I don’t ever want another vehicle than a Jeep. One of the most relaxing things ever is for me to go out on a drive with the top off the Jeep and just soak up the sun and wind.”


Landon – 6-years-old


“I love my Mom, my Dad, and my Jeep-Jeep a lot! I really like to go muddin’ except the one time when I swallowed mud and threw up macaroni!”


Mia – 3-years-old


“I love my pink Jeep-Jeep, BABICON! I also love food!”